Founded in late 1999, PT. Indo Cisc is one of the first established IT consultant companies in Indonesia. We are focus on network, computer, and application security evaluation. The original name of the company is "Community Communication Integrated System (CCIS)", but CISC sounds better. We are not big in any sizes and we are not worldwide. This makes us distinguish from other IT security companies. Our small team is composed of trusted technical people. People with integrity. We are not a group of crackers! None of our team has been involved with cracking, and never will. We do not hire crackers. We have to guarantee the secrecy of confidential information when we perform services for our clients. Individuals behind INDO CISC are prominent Internet figures in Indonesia who have been involved with the Internet since 1987. Our investors include Budi Rahardjo (a prominent Internet figure in Indonesia).

Rare Type of a Company

INDO CISC is a rare type of a company in IT security. It is counted in several catagories which are not common to most other IT companies. As consultant, INDO CISC:

  • Is focus on network, computer, and application security evaluation
  • Gives transfer of knowledge to its clients
  • Develops tools for audit purposes
  • Develops products based on open sources
  • Is not a vendor and not related to any other products
  • Believes in contributing (giving back) to the community, thus we also organize security training
  • Is your trusted partner


Our focus (or obsession) is in community's communication. That is providing technology to make us communicate better. We believe that the purpose of technology is to make our lives better and make this world a better place to live. The original name of the company is "Community Communication Integrated System (CCIS)", but CISC sounds better. Our vision of community's communication includes internet hosting, (hard and soft) infrastructure, and security. To provide the best technology, we are starting (technology) incubators. All of this is reflected in services and companies we invested.


Our mission is to become your trusted partner, part of your keiretsu.

Company Philosophy

We believe in contributing (giving back) to our community. Thus, we are involved actively in Bandung High Tech Valley initiative in Bandung, SMK-TI, ID-CERT, and other IT awareness in Indonesia, including national standard on information system.